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Favorite rubs or marinades for smoking!!??

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I've Been REALLY Bad - I apologize to everyone.
Post up your favorites and what you use them for/on!! :Oh Yeah!:

My simple favorite for the pounds and pounds of jerky the kids go through is as follows!

medium size-

2 cups brown (dark) sugar
2 cups soya sauce (kikoman)
roughly a cup of boiling water to dissolve sugar
garlic powder (your taste)
fresh ground black pepper (your taste)
any other spices you like!

Very thin hand cut deer/moose strips.... marinate only 30 minutes or until meat very dark!

Place on trays and sprinkle with pepper, garlic, chili flakes, whatever you like and alternate different flavors per tray!

We like to dry until very well done, tastes differ!!

So what do you like!!??

Bow Walker

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I like to marinate for added flavour to the meat - but I don't smoke it, it goes on the Q or in the oven.

My very basic marinade (that can be adapted for meat, fish, or poultry) is as follows...

1 part light soya sauce
3 parts olive oil
fresh cracked black pepper to taste
fresh crushed garlic to taste

Now comes the variables for the different types of meats. I like to used fresh herbs for flavour. Herbs like Rosemary, Parsley, Thyme, Tarragon, Oregano, etc.


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I have many that I have created over the years and right now we are actually looking at how to market some of them....... I know there are tons out there but I have been told there is something different in mine so who knows....can't hurt to try

honestly, I think all rubs and brine really start of the same basic ingredients and then you just add your own special mix into them and that gives you your own brand of POPPIN taste delicious

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