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Need A Life
Commercially made sausages are way too fatty for me to eat and digest. Commercial sausages also contain a lot of water - think about that..... they are selling water to you at over $4.00 per pound! I'm talking like the ones you buy in food stores.

The biggest reason for getting into making your own sausages - you can control what goes into them. You alone control the amount of salt, the amount of fat, the amount of water, and the amount of seasonings - not to mention the quality of meat.

Making your own sausage is not an expensive venture. Who says that you need a stuffer, or all those casings? Mix the sausage in a large bowl and just make patties with it - or hand made links without casings. Sausage casings are often times tough and hard to digest anyway.... who needs them?
This! It's too easy to make way better sausages with less crap in them, for less money! Personally I like the oldschool cast aluminum hand grinders for small batches. Mine was $5 at a garage sale...

Remember Gerard Butler in that movie where he asks for a big steak as his last meal and the proceeds to use the T-bone to kill his dinner partner?
Law Abiding Citizen
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