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Christmas Dinner.

Port Alberni
Seriously though, I hope it tastes better than the buggers out here!
It was in pretty decent shape.
Only a couple bb holes, kinda wondered what actually killed it... small wink

If it doesn't taste good, I'll be returning it via snail mail for a refund... :highly_amused:

Nog - Bird is now out of the brine and freshening for an hour before his introduction to the fullest belly he's ever had, and a nice sauna to follow... :Oh Yeah!:

Foxton Gundogs

Moderator/CERTIFIED GOOSE PIG 2016....... Cedar BC
I bet it's one he smoked at about 10 yds. with a 3.5" mag load of BBs!!! Or was he nice and gave you a head shot bird?

Seriously though, I hope it tastes better than the buggers out here!
It was a heart shot bird, one of those that just keep flying like nothing is wrong till they fold stone dead.
Not sure what you are feeding those geese Nolan lol but I am here to testify that the birds we have taken from all around the Okanogan have been great eating. Corn/apple fed birds, nothing finer imho.



This IS My Life
The pepperoni is great though! So no waste anyway! I'm sure they're fine eating, we just got tired of working with them. Pepperoni from Illichman's is soooo awesome! I said that already, didn't I? :hopelessness:

I had one of those heart shot birds. It made it just over Benvoulin rd, dripp'n blood onto pass'n cars under it possibly! It suddenly dropped and hit the ground right beside the road! I had to walk over and pick it up less than 8 feet from passing cars! No one seemed to mind at all! :highly_amused: Not that they stopped and said anyway. If they did, it probably would've been a big thumbs up anyway.

I love kill'n in KTown!!!! :victorious:
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retired mod
Canada 12th largest city
Not Christmas dinner per se, but perhaps for New Years....

The Atlantic Superstore (Loblaws) where I work part time has Prime Rib roasts on for the ridiculous price of $4.77 per pound this week. Yup, that's not a typo. They are in fact $4.77 per pound.

The first 36 cases of ribs that came in were - get this - Black Angus Beef, Canada AAA grade from Alberta. Do you think that they went fast? Do you think that all the staff had at least one roast put away for themselves? :rolleyes:

I have a good sized 4-bone roast with my name on it resting in the cooler as I type this.
Was a hell of a deal!! We put just shy of 70 pounds in the freezer on that run! :Oh Yeah!:

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