I like to go and investigate the gun, ammo and component companies companies website, as I'm sure most of you might. They are informative on what is new, dropped or coming up. Sometimes I just check them for info. Some are really good, like SAKO, Winchester, NORMA, Hogdon, Kimber, Savage and others which are current, full of good info and are easily navigated. Even Zastava, http://www.zastava-arms.rs/ a Serbian gun company for crying out loud, is fairly easy to navigate and get info from.

There are others that are completely crap and getting worse all the time. I just went into the Browning website and it used to be pretty bad. It is now completely useless. Maybe its just me but I go into a lot of websites and, outside of most government websites which are completely not navigable, most are good to great as any place trying to sell some thing or service should be. So why are some just plain impossible to get anything from or just plain ugly and repulsive?? Has anyone seen the Perazzi http://www.shootingsports.com/perazzi/home.htm ?? This is one of the more expensive shotguns on earth with one of the plainest and lack of information websites around. What gives??

Is it just me?? Hell, I run a website off my kitchen table that blows away Browning and Perazzi, and for that matter Ruger.