Fuzzybiscuit here.

I've been in the shadows lurking for a bit and finally decided to post up.

Some of you may know me from the "other" site. It's been quiet on there since some of you made the decision to "leave" . I'd like to say that I promise to be on my best behavior, but I also want to fit in on this new site. :)

As a first post, I guess that I should tell a joke, so here goes:

A man and his wife are out one day on a diving trip. They have been down for a while and are getting low on air. The guy signals to his wife to ascend to the surface, and proceeds to lead the way. Part way up he realizes that his wife is not behind him anymore. He tries to go back down, but being almost out of air, he has to go to the surface. When the guy's wife fails to make it to the surface, he calls the police and reports what has happened.
The next day, the guy answers a knock at the door, and standing there is a cop, hat in hand.
The cop says, "Sorry sir, but I've got some bad news for you. I've also got some good and very good news too. What would you like first?"
"Give me the bad news first." the guy says.
The cop proceeds, "As we suspected, your wife drowned yesterday. The SAR divers brought her body up this morning."
"That's awful," exclaims the visually shaken husband. "What could possibly be the good news?"
"Well," begins the cop, "the good news is that when we brought her up there were two large lobsters and half a dozen 8-inch Dungeness crabs hanging off her."
"You say there is also some really good news?" asks the husband.
"Yes, that's right," continues the cop, "we are bringing her up again tomorrow."