So here I am, driving along 96 Ave. in Port Kells yesterday, and driving by BRP dealership I see several brand new machines on display, right in front of the store. Nothing special you say?? Sure, just like any other dealer, except there was that AWESOME SxS with painted numbers on it. The numbers were 7, 590. I said to myself, that just can't be!!! Slammed on my breaks, went inside, got attention of one of the salesman and ask: is the price of that white SxS really 7, 590 bucks??? I could see right away the confusion on his face, and after his "WHAT?" and repeating my question I noticed his look of confusion went from one of confusion to one of concern, like when someone deals with a crazy person. I pointed to the numbers and explained why I ask, and right away he relaxed, big smile came up on his face and he says: Oh, no, no. These are only racing numbers from the track. Yup, either an early Aprils fool day, or the second one this year. Thanks BRP.