For years I have made mostly moose and deer jerky..... the kids (and friends!) can't get enough of it and start raiding the dryer before it is totally ready!

I use a very basic recipe.....

Equal parts demerara sugar and kikoman soya sauce (usually two cups of each)
1/2 cup boiling water to disolve all
garlic powder

I partially unthaw meat so it is still firm and easy to slice thin (done by hand, not machine, like the different variations of thickness), probably do 6-8 pounds

I only marinate it for roughly 2 hours, until the meat turns dark, mixing it up every 15-20 minutes.....

Spread out on the dryer racks, shake off excess moisture and coat with pepper and garlic on top side (use different spices on each tray for something differnt!) to your taste.

This does up six trays on my plug in dryer (fruit dryer).... will rotate trays to try and dry equally. Half way through I turn meat over on racks..... on my old dryer this usually takes roughly 24 hours asI like it dry and "tough"... . kids get into it about the 18-20 hour mark....

How do you do yours??