Seeing nolimits comments on CS food making while hunting has got me wondering how the rest of you eat in the bush on your "main" trips.......

We have always eaten well with two of us (me and a buddy) doing most of the cooking, below is a brief summary of some of our meals and appys! Our camps usually had 4 guys in it with the odd time 6-7. Makes good time for all as some won't cook (good!) and like doing the clean up and others spend their free time collecting and splitting firewood.....

- smoked salmon
- lox with cream cheese and capers or caviar (cheap brand)
- garlic prawns
- crab cream cheese hot dip
- spinach dip
you get the idea!


- rack of lamb
- sweet/sour chicken
- real fried chicken
-baked salmon, salmon fillets, salmon steaks etc......
- stir frys
- all sorts of marinated meats (prepped at home and vac packed)
- many types of pastas done different ways
- plus all the usual steak/potato/veggi meals

Usually like the next day breakfasts with all (or most) left overs diced up in a frying pan with a bunch of eggs thrown in, then done up in a wrap with your favorite condiments!

So what is your "staples&quo t; in camp??