I had a busy day yesterday.

After making reels all day I went home and seasoned 32 lbs of moose into three batches of sausage meat. I made approximately 10 lbs of North Italian, 12 lbs of Bratwurst and 11 lbs of prairie sage breakfast.

Once that was in the fridge to allow the flavours to mingle I went to Sidney to help my cousin pack up his Mom's belongings since she has now progressed well into the darkness and fear that is Alzheimer's. We spent three hours or so sorting through things that we're sure meant a lot to her but were just old things to us. One area for the garbage, one for family to sort through at a later time, one for recycling and one for good will. This was a very draining thing to do.

Once done there it was back to the sausage. I got out my new stuffer, casings, bowls, meat and a couple beer and My wonderful lady and I spent the next 4 hours stuffing, double wrapping, labeling and cleaning up from the task.

After sampling some of the product we slid into bed around 12:30.....My 5:02 alarm came much too soon.

On the bright side, it's Brat's for supper tonight and I think there's still a few beer left to go with it.

No pic this time, too freekin bummed from the house clean out and too tired.