I recently put a new addition in my “gun book” library.

Mauser – Military Rifles of the World – Fith Edition by Robert W D Ball. Publisher Gun Digest Books. $50.00

If you’re like me, I just eat, breath and sleep small arms history, this is a must have. I had no idea that Mauser had such a profound influence on 20th century political/warfare history. Yes, yes I know I should have and did have a pretty good idea, or so I thought I did, but this book has completely opened a new dimension for me.

Section by section, as it lists countries in alphabetic order, is a listing of countries that purchased quantities of Mausers from the various European manufactures, German, Austrian, Belgium and the many that manufactured these rifle under licence, both in and outside Europe, from Black Powder to modern propellant. The range this book covers is from 1871-1945. Page by page is full of fascinating information.

Each country listed starts out with a brief military history of the country in many cases beyond the 14th century. The pictorial information on the various models and manufacturers as well as is outstanding. Well worth the price this book has already gained “preferred and easy to reach” status in my library right up with “Cartridges of the World” a book that has been in my collection in the various editions since I was 12 years old.