Just reading some of the threads and some comments. Some I can see are fairly new and young hunters, some are older and new, then we have the old boys with years of experience (both good and bad!!)

Haven't seen a thread about you people, age, proffession, area you live, years of hunting and fishing ...... did I miss it or hasn't there been one?

I think it might be good if we have something like this so we have an idea when "talking&quo t; to each other! I like Nolimits approach to asking questions, admits new to the game, but I feel we should know a little more about each other, even just for helping.....


Hi, my name is Mike.

I just turned 52 (where the heck did the time go??) and lived my whole life in the LML (basically)
I have fished (with a few breaks) since I was 4
I have shot since I was 6
hunted since 10, was in charge of camp meat until 14 .... ;)
Engaged to a lovely lady who loves the outdoors and we have 4 "kids" between us

Getting older, enjoy comforts more, don't push as hard, still enjoy getting out! My idea of a camp is now either the camper (roughing it!) or the 5th wheel.....

Love dino fishing on the Fraser and have a 20' Thunder Jet that does the trick for this fishery.