So, about 3 months ago, in preparation to the hunting season I bought a pair of very nice Columbia boots with omni shield technology, rated to minus 32 deg., waterproof and so on. Very comfy, warn and light boots I have to say. Took 'em with me to to moose hunt and imagine my surprise when on the second outing, not even in rainy conditions, but just from the early morning mist them boots got completely wet inside. After coming back I was able to squeeze running water out of my socks. Not cool I though and still do, and needless to say I am not very much impressed with them at the moment. What kinda chokes me even more, when I went back to the store, it is outside their 30 days return policy and now I have to deal with the manufacturer directly. Like I have nothing better to do, right?

Did stuff like that happen to others or am I the only lucky one???