I was over at 24HR Campfire this morning reading how one guy donated a Browning BLR 308 to a need kid to get him into hunting.

This got me to thinking, there have been many times I myself have been down and out, squeezing every penny out of the budget. If it wasn't for my family and a few good friends I would not be where I am today.

I have been thinking about this all day. So I have a single shot 16ga shotgun that is just collecting dust I have had for several years. I have shot it a couple times when I bought it. It is nothing special, but it shoots straight. I can probably through in a box or 2 of shells.

I want this to go to a kid who could use it, learn to hunt with it. I am sure their is one or 2 of use who know of a family who could benefit from this.

1) Parent(s) must agree to this.
2) Child must have someone to hunt with
3) Shotgun can not be sold, but my be traded to upgrade or passed on to another needy child.

It will be up to you people to nominate a child and for you all to pick the winning child.

It's not much but lets get this done. ;D