hello fellow members
for a few years now my hunting partner and I have been working on a great goose sausage recipe, we have made the sausage two years in a row now in this way and all who have tried it like it allot even the one's who don't hunt and seem to be against hunting.... But they sure can eat.

So I use the following: stainless bowls 20lb capacity
get some real casing from your local butcher forget that plastic crap.
I use the largest meat wheel on my grinder the holes should be the size of tour pinky finger, if you use a small die the goose meat comes out like mush.

I use the beast meat of the goose 20bls and 20bls of pork butts or shoulder. (10 geese breasted= roughly 20 pounds)
after de=boning the goose breast I rise them in a plastic container salt and water and pat them dry and cut into pieces a bit bigger than stewing meat. Now grind the goose and pork and place the meat in your stainless bowls. Mix the two meats together, so they are blended quite well.
Amount of salt and coarse ground black pepper to each bowl of ground meat is 7 tablespoons salt/ 7 tablespoons black pepper and mix together once more to evenly distribute spice in the meat.
Now in a blender : I add 2 heads of garlic - just the cloves
1 glass of white wine- if you would drink it use it.
1 good handful small fresh red chilly peppers
1 cup of fresh rosemarie needles
1 cup of Italian flat leaf parsely
juice of one large orange and the rind
juice of two lemons and the rind
( if you can find it lemon infused olive oil) 1/2 cup it really kicks it up
4/5 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
Mix till liquid and taste you can add what you think you need more of at this point.

Pour the contents in the blender with the bowl of salted and peppered goose/pork meat and mix very well. the meat should be sticky. If the meat is not mixed properly you will have unbalanced tasting sausage.
* You can make a patty with the meat and either BBQ it or fry it, to make sure it is tasty enough, or you want to add a little extra something. If your happy with the taste, proceed to stuffing instructions.
The natural casings come salted you will have to pull apart the amount you will need and leave to soak in water to ride it of the heavy salt used to preserve it, the casing is in 100 ft bunch.
After you have rinsed the casing a few times changing the water saturated with salt you need to rinse the inside of the casing under running water ,kind of like filling balloons but just with two open ends, next place the clean rinsed casing in a bowl with water and lemon juice and pick out casing as you need it to feed on your stuffing tube. Once the casing is on the stuffing tube, tie off the end of the casing & fill the suffer with meat and start making sausage. Leave about 2 inches of casing so you can tie off the end nearest to the stuffer. Poke the long sausage strand with a needle and begin twisting the sausage links to the size you like, start at one end and twist left or right and alternate till you reach other end. let hang for 2 days in a cold place and then I place them in vacum packages or freezer bags in bunches of 6 links. They are great on the BBQ!
Hope you like them guys!

*** This year I changed up the recipe a bit by adding 2 handfuls of Greek spice and a jar of pepper paste mild. ***(We had 6 nice size drakes breasted and added it as well, was nice added a nice touch)
Pepper paste is made of roasted red peppers only gives, gives color to the meat and adds moisture to, you can also get it in hot it has the seeds included , have used it in the past as well, it's the same as mild but with more heat. I add- (1 1/2 jars to the above meat and mix it in )