Thought I would spill out my frustration for your enjoyment and possibly to see if there is any hope for me out there to solve my problem. I have been having a heck of a time trying to track down a left handed rifle in 300wsm anywhere in the lowermainland. It seems there are only a handfull of makes and models one can get in the first place and of those anything moderately priced seems to be sold out everywhere. I can find the odd one here and there that would sink me into the neighborhood of a $1000 dollars or more when all is said and done but that's just a liitle to far out of my reach. I can find literally dozens of decent right hand models anywhere from between $500- $800.00 readily available most everywhere. I know lefties are uncommon but come on is my luck this bad right now. Normally I wouldn't be sweating it so much but the season is fast approaching and i'm starting to feel the urgency coming on to get something and get it worn in ready to hunt with.

I have tried all the big box stores I can think of as well as all the mom and pop stores out there. Some say they have rifles coming in however it's been 4 weeks of me checking every other day and still no stock. I finally thought I had caught a break and found just the right one I was wanting back east in stock and everything until I reconfirmed it was a 300wsm I wanted and not the 300wm they actually have in stock. So to all you lefties out there tell me was it this hard for you to get set up.