How do you like to cook up these babies??

I once got a few giant prawns given to me, 3 - 4 size ones (3 - 4 making up a pound) they were huge. So I romove the shells, leaving the tail pieces on, and de-veined them. Then butterflied them open a bit.

I next made a **duxelles and combine it with some chopped proscuitto. Then I stuffed the prawns and wrapped each prawn a pice of veal cutlet that I had pounded out to a very thin scallopini.

A quick browning in some butter (with fresh garlic) and then into a 350F oven for 4 minutes to cook the prawn through, but not dry out the veal. Man were they good.

Sorry, you'll have to use your imaginations because I didn't take any photos at the time. It was about 18 years ago when I was living and working in Vancouver.

** [size=1em]Duxelles; Noun. A finely chopped mixture of mushrooms, onions, shallots and herbs sautéed in butter and reduced to a paste, used in stuffings and sauces (as in beef Wellington) or as a garnish.[/size]