So you are out hunting bear. What are the steps taken to look after the hide and meat after you have shot and killed the animal? I am a new hunter and my hunting buddies are just in their second year. We don't have anyone to show us the ropes and its more of a learn as you go type of thing for us.

They were able to get some bears each year. After the animal was shot they gutted it and packed it on the quad to bring it back to camp where it was skinned leaving the head and paws intact. They would then drive into town dropping off the hide at the taxi and the carcass at the butcher to hold in his cooler until the hunt was over. We then would butcher the bear, package the meat and freeze it once once we got home.

This method works but i am wondering what some of the guys here do when out on the hunt. Do you skin and butcher the bear on the spot? I hear people use the gutless method which seems a pretty efficient way to do things where you remove the meat right away and have less to pack out. I know you do not need to age the bear like other game but how soon can you cut it up after it was shot. Do you need to freeze the bear meat right away or can you keep it cold for a while?

If anyone can share what steps they do once the bear is down would be great. This is all pretty new to me so any pointers you want to share would be great!