just thought i share this here with you guys and girls. got up this morning and thought no better day then today to set up my trail camera as I have been busy with other stuff and have not had time. I have a few areas picked out and decided on this one that is easy access. Late start to morning drop kids off at day care and head out. Reach spot were I park the car at about 10:30 am. Slip in to my hiking boots and throw on my pack start walking down trail. Just in joying being out there not expecting to see much being time of day and the heat factor. the mosquito's were in joying me being there let me tell you.
About half way to were I want to put my trail camera i hear crash thud and branches and stuff crashing. We all know this sound I just spooked an animal or something. quick scan of area I see elk then look to there left and to my surprise two black wolves. Sorry fumbled for my camera in my pocket but time I got it out wolves went one way elk the other. well for ten bucks in fuel and about 20 or so mosquito bites and the thought of I may have just saved an elk from being dinner I think i had my self a good hike. cant wait to get back in there and see what kind of pictures my trail cam may get.