We're off for 3 days of scouting for our hunting trip this fall. We will be looking at Enderby to Mabel Lake, Salmon Arm through to Faulkland and the Lumby area. I have a fairly good idea of the lay of the land but I'm looking for 3 or 4 spots to concentrate on. My wife has a ground blind with chair and has the patients to sit for a long time. I cannot sit long (I guess I was born with ants in my pants) so I use masking scents and lots of camo - I'm probably going to a gillie suit this year - so we are looking for a few places for whitetail and mule deer especially. We are also seeking a good place to spend a week of so with the dog concentrating on grouse - my wife wants a blue. We do have a trailer for accommodation with solar panels so we do not mind getting back a bit. I know the Christian valley fairly well but the valley has way to many hunters so we want to hunt the less popular areas.

Next trip we might scout out the Little Fort area but for these 3 days we will concentrate on the Shuswap-Vernon area.

Any hints or suggestions on some sweet spots?? I do know there is a fair amount of elk east of Vernon and I have seen moose around as well. My wife is dying for a crack at an elk since she and my Dad Walked into a herd of 15 last year and then we saw a herd of more than 20 near the Christian Valley and Big White.