BCs hunter host program for non resident Canadians is set up so you have to pay a fee to host another Canadian hunter, your guest has to buy an out of province hunting license (for big game), they have to buy tags at inflated prices and if they shoot something they have to pay Royalties to the BC government. I think this is terrible that we treat our fellow Canadians like this! My old friend that was born and raised here in BC had to relocate to Alberta for work a few years ago and now when he comes to hunt with me we have to abide by the rules of this Hunter Host program, and I am expected (as host) to hold his hand while out hunting like he was some newby hunter when we have hunted in BC together for about 25 years.

I would like to see this system changed so it is a little less damaging financially to non resident Canadians, and less restrictive for hunters that have prior hunting experience.

Would you support a change? What do you think of BCs hunter host program for non resident Canadians?