When you bar-b-que a slab of fresh salmon do you smother it in bbq sauce as it is cooking?

I had a friend of my wife invite us to a salmon bbq one day a few years ago. He did bbq it alright, problem was though he smothered the slab of salmon (which he had caught himself) with a Kraft Smokey bbq sauce.

He proudly served it up with new potatoes (bbq'd) and a nice salad (which his wife had made)......the salmon and the potatoes were just swimming in the bbq sauce. Any taste or flavor was completely lost under that "store-bought" garbage. Too bad, because I'm sure the fish was tasty - I'll just never really know.

Whatever happened to grilling it with fresh lemon slices, a bit of S&P, and maybe fresh dill to lay over top of the slab?