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I just had a CT scan on the 4th and a Bone scan on the 8th. I need an operation for problem near coccyx bone [fancy name for tailbone ]
this has being going on for three years and two operations that surgeons now say were not needed. The CT scan and Bone scan imaged everything perfectly and the Surgeon said i have a Pilonidal cyst and they now know exactly how to cure me AND,,,,,,,,,,no evidence of Osteomyelitis [ bone disease ] or Cancer which i am humbly very grateful to here. Anyways after the last meeting the Surgeon said go with this girl and she will do surgery booking , I filled out a bunch of paper work and she said " Ok , there you go , we will be in touch , any questions ? " I said yes , what would ballpark time be for surgery ? She looked at her computer and said " Ohhhhh ...lets see.... about this time next year " Just slayed me , I said are you kidding ? Nope that's how backed up they are.
some will place you on a cancellation list