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... mine will still hang for 10 days before processing. I guess my pallet is just more sophisticated than some of you heathens.
You AIN'T Alone in that belief!

ALL our deer get hung for one week minimum - of course we do have a bit of a tendency to shoot mature bucks and this does indeed help. Maybe not so much with the bambi's the naysayers bring in...

I would not half the carcass until cutting time.
As noted, provides more surface area for problems to develop on.

We generally wash each carcass thoroughly after skinning, cut off any questionable areas, and hang. I do like Spy's idea on the game bags. That cannot hurt methinks, and takes but a moment to set up. Will be trying down the road methinks...

A good Buddy has an excellent insulated hanging room in his garage, so we use that a lot. Keeps the meat at proper temperatures as long as you desire. In fact, our mutual Buddy has a whole beef hanging in there right now...

Never had an issue with doing these procedures, and the meat is always tasty and tender. Certainly am not going to change that up any time soon!