ok so....
Today I will be bottling 15 gallons of Gale Warning. I don't know what the finished ABV will be but we had an og of .062 so she will be a hot one!
And I will be bottling 15 gallons of 59 Fathom Edge which I will turn into a "45" fathom edge Sessions Ale.. I will be watering this one down to 4.5% not 5.9%
I want to see what it tastes like watered down because that will give me an extra 4 or so gallons of beer..... as well what I have discovered,, when you have 60 Gallons of beer high percentage is not necessary and can also be a nuisance...

Any way, I will be brewing a Lager .. a very light Lager again aiming at 4% I will need a name for that if you want to try..

so far I have
59 Fathom Edge Pale Ale
Gale warning Imperial IPA
Black Dog Brown
Keepers Kolsche....
and an un named Lager.....

What should I try now?
is there a beer profile you like that I can Clone? I wa kinda thinking of doing a light Brown honey ale like Sleemans... Black Dog is like Race Rocks, more dark.
I need some direction.... I don't like German IPA or Bock .... Lagers and pilsners are really similar.... I don't know!