When I was in my 30's we used to go SCUBA diving off Amelia Island (Northwest Bay area) and spear/harvest/catch/shoot/pluck up some mighty fine eats.

Among those were the above mentioned vittles.......fresh Ling Cod, fresh Red Snapper, Abalone, and Sea Scallops.

Filleted fish lightly dredged in seasoned flour and then quickly pan-fried in some butter. Sea Scallops seasoned with just a bit of S&P and then seared quickly in a hot pan with butter. Abalone slices cooked the same way as the Scallops.

Served the above as a Seafood Medley - along with A large Green salad, some hot crusty bread, and a few bottles of selected white wines - to a group of 6 friends one weekend. It was a hit with everybody. we gobbled everything up and then were ready for the wife's key Lime pie for dessert.