We chat about our fabulous camp cooking.....but what about your cooking "gone wrong"?? :o

One hunting trip I was making this beautiful "pepper/swiss steak" type concoction...sort of cubed tenderloin in a gravy with onions, peppers and spices to taste. The plan was to serve it up on a bed of rice with a side of veggies.

What happened is that I was into my rum bottle [late evening meal], the fire was beautiful, the night was delightful...and well...you know...I was kind of dragging out the meal cooking duties and would give my concoction a little sprinkle of Montreal Steak Spice with each stir while it was simmering on the camp stove. As a word of warning don't do this!! By the time I finally got around to ringing the dinner bell everyone was salivating from the aromas wafting over our camp.....alas, the eating didn't go over so well. Who knew copious amounts of MSS would make the mix super spicey HOT?? ::) Boy did I catch heck!!

Come on fess up.....tell us what you did wrong. :P