so im with fido for my iphone and since day 1 ive been getting charged for long distance that i dont use. it keeps saying im in chilliwack makin calls. and i havent made 1 call from there yet. dont know anyone to be there. some are to even call right upstairs in same home but says im in chilliwack. some are to my pizza joint in misison.,..sorry but they dont deliver to chilliwack.
ive had to call in the last 4 months to have them credited. some take a fight and going off on them on facebook to get service but in the end all was credited so far. far.
got a new text yesterday saying im nearing my credit limit....what???..ju st paid it down to zero ballance and im on a 300 i go look online and almost 200 in long dustrance this time...and last time we had a long distance blocker put how can i get a fee with that...seems nothing works for them. not getting email notice of m bills either, forst notice is from collection dept usualy...and they arent to polite swearin and screaming im a lier.
when i talked to the guy from facebook he knew about this issue and says happens alot out here in the valley. and at the store to pay the bill, that guy said same thing. so its an ongoing issue they know abut but are playin dumb. i had same issue when i was with them for 3 years with a pre paid cell to.
they have 101 excuses but nothing to resolve it. say im to close to usa border....not realy. mission isnt that close, pretty close to same as in air not roads and is what they go by...satalite signals dont follow a road path

so now they started an investigation finaly to see where ive been. now im worried cause its the dam sattalites in the first place that are showing wrong info. i hope they dont use the same system to see where ive been. they gavce me the credit but said if im lying it will be reversed. now im concerned ill get shafted.
anyone else out in the valley or anywhere realy, that has seen this issue or gone through it. i have a feeling im in for a big fight here with them real soon. i dont care how hi up the chain i have to go either to get this sorted, ill go to the newspaper and expose them if need be. it worked on facebook. should have seen how fast he tried to take us to email and off public veiwing...not happening wit exposing the fraud. so far ive also recieved 40 bucks in diff amounts for credits to shut up...they call it inconvenience money but i call it shut up money