lol...just sitting here at the pc getting cought up and i hear a bang out back. so i go look and nobody there. then i look down and see a big plastic stick mouse trap with a huge gob of peanut butter on it and a poor tiny bird stuck to it. guess he flew or tried to fly but its to heavy and he went down hard. looks like broke his leg. cant walk. i got him off the sticky trap...bit angry at that crap. so he just sat there trying to wobble so i felt bad and grabbed a small box and lined it with old tensor bandages for bedding and took him inside. look like hes been fighting a while to get free and is in rough shape. ill keep him a day or so to rest and warm up then set him free...hope he makes it.
getting a touch annoyed with doors dam cat is now using my garden as his litter box. ripped up all over and now ill be handling its poo in spring when i work it over again, someone might be gettin a bag of tricks dropped over the fence in spring. i know whos cat it is. cought it many times. not sure who the one was with mouse trap....yet, may seem silly over a little garbage bird but i hate that