First of all I would like to say HUNTING IS HUNTING
Last few years I have been not getting out in the woods as much as I would like to young family new job so I have been doing a lot of searching the net reading different post on hunting and people's views on it. Reading my fair share on HBC and let me tell you it is sad how many hunters waist there energy arguing with other hunters when they should be focusing that energy on the antis.
What is this debate hunters always have about trophy hunting? First off I use to be against this so called trophy hunting but really there is nothing different about it. Hunting for meat or hunting for trophy is the same. The so called trophy hunters will pass on the animals that the meat hunter will take. So how is the meat hunter any different? Nothing is ever wasted may not be eaten by humans but rest assure it is eaten. The antis feed on the so called trophy hunting i.e. grizzly bears. You really think they will stop there if they get lucky enough to stop this hunt. If they get this hunt stopped it will just be another nail in the coffin. I don’t get it why fellow hunters are opposed to such hunting no body is asking you to do it. Don’t want to hunt grizzly it is simple don’t apply for leh. However as hunters we need to support the hunters that do. In the summer we lost hunting shows on global and some of the comment I read from follow hunters. “who cares I don’t like them shows”, and”not I big deal I have wildtv” we all should have been out raged. It was just one more nail again. Next is going to be hunting magazines rumor has it there pushing for age restriction on them. Give me a break they sell magazine on pot smoking or other crap. However what you hunters going to say ah not a big deal don’t read them any ways. Sorry but when I was in my teens I looked forward to going to the store and picking up a monthly hunting magazine.
As hunters we can argue till we are blue in the face about calibers or ethical shots and so on. However if we don’t all stand together as hunters not group out hunters as trophy or meat as we are all hunters all these conversation are going to start back in the day when you could hunt grizzly the 338 was top choice or when ted hunted wolf he used 243 but never took a shot farther then 200 yards.
We has hunters have to trust are biologist and so on that give us are seasons. If a hunter is out and taking part in so season weather it wolf,cougar or calf moose season we need to support follow hunter. If we don’t like the season then we don’t need to hunt it. however do not bash the other fellow hunter for doing so.