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    Cool Lamb Sausage Time

    Quite a few lambs wandered across our interest this fall and winter.
    Local 4-H Club contracted us to deal with theirs, did the usual work for a Rancher Buddy, and ended up having to return to his place and take down an aggressive one just a short time ago.

    So, between us and the rancher, we have a little lamb grind on hand.
    Starting to gather the goodies today and tomorrow, and will be shooting some rather fine sausage over the weekend.

    Needed to look the recipe up anyway, so thought I'd post it here for anyone else who wants to try it on. If interested, let me know as we now do a version with Blacktails...

    Lamb Feta Sausage – Matt’s

    10 lbs Lamb
    5 lbs whitetail
    3 lbs pork

    2 Cups Skim Milk Powder (switching to Promine this go)
    4 tblsp Salt
    4 tblsp Basil
    3 tblsp Oregano
    3 tblsp Greek Seasoning
    5 heaping tblsp Chopped Garlic
    4 tblsp Lemon Juice
    4 tsp Onion Powder
    4 cups Fresh Chopped Spinach
    32 ounces Feta Cheese w/ liquid
    3 Large Red Bell Peppers (finely diced)
    6 cups Chicken Stock

    This is a very rich (filling) and tasty sausage!
    Looking forward to another feed of it or six...

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