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Thread: Grouse and Rabbit Stew in Slow cooker

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    Grouse and Rabbit Stew in Slow cooker

    2 med/large grouse breasts
    1 cotton tail or 1 Jack
    2-3 med Yukon or Red potatoes
    1 lg Vidalia onion
    2-3 lg carrotts
    4-5 lg button mushrooms (not magic mushrooms) L.O.L!
    1 whole garlic
    pack or cube of chicken/beef boullion stock (optional)

    chunk cut grouse/rabbit meat(don't forget to add the heart,liver/brain)
    Rough chop vegetables
    Add vegetables and meat into cooker and mix together
    fill with water to just below mixture.
    add salt and pepper mix in, bouillon at this time if preferred.
    I personally leave a cracked leg from the rabbit and grouse with the meat on it and lay it on top for marrow flavour. Some times I will turn it into a German Hossenfeffer dish and add warmed up Sauerkraut and some cooked granny apple slices on top or on a side dish.

    Cook on low temp for 5-6 hours checking periodically for vegetable hardness and meat coming off the leg bones.
    Enjoy, W..G.

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