Goose breasts/deboned legs/tenderloin tips/body meat
pork fat
home made brine(soya sauce and your preferred spices)
dry rub (paprika,Cajun spice,pepper,salt) or your personal rub
olive oil

Marinate meat over nite in your brine in the fridge,remove and pat dry.
Mix a 2:1 of meat and fat in a bowl or your personal preference
Run this through the processor/hand grinder
Hand form into a roll 12-16"x3-1/2" or your preferred size
lightly coat with olive oil
rub or roll on your dry mix
then wrap your roll tightly in tin foil covering it all and ends
Place in fridge for 1 hour
Put in smoker box or BBQ with your preferred smoke chips for 4-6 hours or your usual preferred time and temp. This can be used for duck or any bird.

I have mixed grouse/goose/duck together,excellent. Enjoy!

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