SEE what happens when our governments allow our animals to become a commodity!! This really frys my arse that this goes on in our country!!!

The relationship between a U.S. trophy hunter and TV’s new Mantracker was less than “warm and fuzzy,” a Calgary court heard Monday.

Bruce Morgan testified he had an arrangement with Chad Savage Lenz, the new star of OLN’s Mantracker, to lease bighorn sheep hunting permits on his behalf.

Morgan, who is suing Lenz claiming breach of trust and breach of contract, said he purchased two hunting permits for non-resident Albertans for $105,000.

But after having troubles dealing with getting payment from Lenz for the 2005 and 2006, hunting seasons, he decided to look for a different hunting outfitter to handle the leases.

Morgan said he didn’t receive the $20,000 paid by hunters to use the permits in those years from Lenz until December, 2006.

The plaintiff admitted to Lenz’s lawyer, John Boulton, he transferred the lease agreement to another outfitter in 2007, without telling the defendant he wouldn’t have them available for hunters.

“If I had an agreement with someone that I hadn’t paid them ... I probably wouldn’t be booking any hunts in the future,” Morgan said.

“We didn’t have a warm and fuzzy relationship in December, 2006.”

Morgan said when he purchased the permits he consulted with a lawyer who informed him he’d need a local connection, such as Lenz, to lease the permits to hunters.

“He explained those permits would always have to be held my an Albertan, a Class-S guide,” he told lawyer Teddy Nobles.

Morgan is seeking a court declaration the permits are his and damages for lost income while they’ve been under Lenz’s control.

Lenz, of Caroline, has countersued and is also seeking damages.

He was introduced as the new Mantracker last month, replacing Terry Grant, who had starred for the first six seasons of the show.

Lenz is set to testify Tuesday.