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Funny BW, I work at the office right across the street from Fujiya. usually once a week I HAVE to venture over there for a cheap and fresh couple of trays. Not sure how good it is for you with all the salt in the seaweed and soya, and the carbs in the rice, but I have its just too good to resist.
Yes, the jury is definitely still out when it comes to the pros and cons of how nutritious it is. It has far too many simple carbs,,,,,white rice mixed with sugar and vinegar and a lot of sodium. I used to eat it at least once a week several years back but I've cut way back on it except as a cheat meal once in awhile. Some places now are starting to make it with brown rice and will use sockeye instead of farmed salmon which helps those a lot who are more picky about what they put into their bodies. One thing for certain, though, I wouldn't eat it all all if I couldn't dip it in a mixture of soya sauce and wasabi. That is what I love most about eating it! And if it's a big group at an all you can eat,,,,shooters of warm/hot saki to round things out!

On those rare days I have it now I like to fill my face with dynamite and California rolls; tuna, shrimp, and salmon sushi; and lots of pickled ginger.