So I have had many conversations this past year about going out and doing a real deep woods type hunting trip maybe next year. So I have started to compile a list of things I would require to either go camping/kayak camping/backpack hunt and meals is obviously huge up there on the list of things you would require to live lol.

I looked at all the Mountain House stuff etc and as appeasing as they look. I feel I can do better. So I got onto that evil DIY website known as Pinterest. Found out you can make your own with a dehydrator!! However I do not believe we have the fruit snack tray that you require to dehydrate things such as chili, stew, scrambled eggs...

My question is; If you just use parchment paper or wax paper, will you be able to dehydrate these foods? Obviously things with more liquid like stews, probably need the fruit snack tray. Just looking for some input.

Also, how long do these meals last? If I dehydrate these suckers up and throw them in a ziplock I imagine they will last a bit. Can you throw them in the freezer and extend their shelf life?