Lets have your advice on a trade I made.

I traded one rifle for another rifle. My rifle I traded I have shot over a box of shell through the rifle. Never having a single problem. All factory loads, different grains of bullets (150gr - 180gr). Now the person who I made the deal with wants to send the rifle back and for me to send his rifle back. Reason being is he is having troubles with the bolt ejecting shells. He is telling me the bolt face is damaged.

I have had no problems with the rifle and I did not notice any damage to the bolt face when I owned the rifle. He is claimimg $200 for a gunsmith to fix the problem. So he wants to go back on the deal.

What do you think I should do. I have already paid shipping one way for one rifle, and realy don't want to pay shipping again. Also I like my new rifle.

Fire away ;D