so anyone in here work as a drainage guy or have some knowledge of yard drainage.
i saw this last year here to, just went out for a smoke and all around my deck is flooding out. it has the crushed gravel for top drainage but already is under water. i know my ground here is quite clayish and has minimal drainag abilities as it is but id assume there should be some sorta of o pipe down around the house to bring my yard and gutter water to the drain in front to the streets. its not to bad right now but only 1 day of rain. last season it literly covered half my cement deck/. i know where this is going down the road of washing out under the deck, i also am lower suite so we have a sorta retaining wall to split the levels as we are on a hillside and get flow from above properties.
im concerned the dirt and stuff behind the wood landscaping wall will wash out and we will have some serious issues down thew road if not dealt with soon.
ive done some drainage work so sorta familiar with whats going on and what should be under the ground. being new home and the mass produced sometimes isnt always done right