Well another weekend with no luck... Saturday got out with a buddy... Saw a doe and 2 fawns... Rolled up on a HBC member and his son right after his son shot a nice lil fork buck, great for them, bad for us.. lol

Yesterday went out with the mrs and pup.. Got to our cut and started working it, about 10 mins after getting there all I hear is BOOOOOOM, just down the road... Right away Im thinking there goes my spot and day.. Walk down to find a couple with a really nice big bodied fork on the side of the road.. If only I had got there 15 mins earlier... GRRRRRRRR After that all we saw were 2 does, both with 2 fawns, no bucks chasing!

Time is ticking and I need to cut my tag!!! Unless I get sent home due to no work Ive only got weekends.. Looks like I gotta hit it hard and go Sat/Sun to get it done..