The recent thread about "Town Names" got me thinking about Sooke, out there where it is your last chance to gas up before heading further west.

I lived/worked there for almost 5 years and in that time I watched the community grow quite a bit. Lots of quality areas for housing and condos and town-houses. Great recreational area for the whole family. Many long established businesses there that offer a wide range of services.

It is the long time home of one of Canada's best restaurants/guest houses - The Sooke Harbour House. Way back when there was an insert in the Saturday paper (from the Toronto Star) the Harbour House was named as the best restaurant in BC and one of the ten best in the country. The Toronto Star did a testing and came up with their top ten restaurants in Canada - one for each province.

Well fast forward to the new century and the much-credited executive chef from the Sooke Harbour House leaves his position to start up his own restaurant. He called it The EdGe. It is right in the middle of downtown Sooke.

The EdGe (spelling IS correct) is definitely not to be missed! The food is simply amazing. Fine dining at its casual best! Edward Tuson (the chef/owner) is at his best here. He is able to showcase his many talents when it comes to food. Couple that with very reasonable prices and you have an experience you will not soon forget. Lunch or dinner - it will impress your jaded palate, and be light on your wallet at the same time.

There is another chef/owned restaurant in Sooke that should not be missed. It is a bit more up-scale and the prices reflect that, but it is the other gem in Sooke and definitely worthy of a visit. It's called Marcus' Wharfside Restaurant.

I've been to both places a few times and I highly recommend them. I've been to the Harbour House a couple of times as well, but leave your wallet at home and take the credit card - no one should carry that amount of cash on them...

If you are looking for a change of pace and feeling like some Mexican food, there is a newer place in town called The Lazy Gecko... (778) 425-2142 #5-6631 Sooke Road Sooke, BC V9Z 0A3

I have been there on numerous occasions and have ordered their Burritos as take out lunches for eating while letting my dogs run and explore the Upper Galloping Goose Trail that runs adjacent to the Sooke Potholes Provincial Park.

The Burritos are all hand made and then grilled on a flat top. They are DELICIOUS!! I especially like the Pulled Pork Burrito with all the fixings and a half-portion of the home made Lazy Gecko hot sauce.

The decor is eclectic and casual. The service is very much like a Mexican Cuchinita, in that it is mostly self-serv. That's fine, because it is reflected in the pricing, which features all the menu items for less than $10.00