ok im starting this thread to try and get something new on the table for dinner ....kinda stuck in a rut with the same ole same ole ..need to try something different ...put up yor favorite dishes for dinner or lunch .
doesnt have to be wild game ...i just need some new ideas
ill start with my moose soup recipe

for a 3 gallon pot

4lbs roast cut into cubes
1 stalk of celery
red onionon
1 pack of soup mix ...its rice split peas barley
4 cartons of beef broth
4 cubes of vegetable oxo
maggie seasoning .
splash of soya
shell noodles ...not to much though
spices...garlic pepper salt

simmer meat and broth for 3 hours before adding the goodies ...use beef bovril to flavor to your liking after all the vegies are in ...