Bear meat pie:
1 liter of bear meat canned with onion carrot and parsnip
1 liter canned bear meat in juices
1 large potato
4 cloves garlic
1 small round of Brie cheese
black pepper
Pie crust (mine is made with butter, rye flour, white flour, and buttermilk)

Drain juices of canned bear and vegetables into a pot, and use these to boil potato and whole garlic cloves. simmer until juices have been reduced considerably. Mash potato, garlic, and juices together and mixed with canned meat and veg. Add salt and pepper to taste. Put into pie crust and top with slices of Brie. Bake at 380 until cheese begins to brown.

I like to eat this with a healthy ammount of fancy molasses poured on top, East Coast style. Impressed my mother in-law who loves meat pies and had never eaten bear before.