My first hunt was right after I got my CORE, we were going to the Pink Mountain area. My idea of hunting was to drive in the bush and shoot whatever you were hunting, then go home. Boy was I wrong. I always figured that the guys just went to party, I didn't realize that you actually had to hunt!!! Once we set up camp and settled in for the evening I noticed that it's really dark once the sun goes down, how am I going to find the outhouse????? I made my husband run a rope from camp all the way to the outhouse and hung ribbons on it, at least I could find my way back. Anyways, on the first day the guys took us to a nice little meadow just to show us what the area was like, on the way out I stepped in some mud and sunk up to the top of my legs, holding my gun above my head I was stuck good. I managed to hand my gun off and get out minus one boot. On the next day my friend and I were going to hunt in another meadow, the guys had given us a homemade moose call, a tin can with a leather string in it. It sounded pretty good. So we got to the trail leading to the meadow and it was covered in ribbons from other hunters, what good was that going to do me if all the ribbons looked alike, so I tied bows down to the meadow! What a nice spot it was, with a great big tree in the middle. We used our moose call and in a few minutes we called in a hunter. He laughed at us when he saw where we were standing, "look up" he said, right above us was ruts in the tree where a grizzly had be clawing. Talk about rookies! We didn't stay there too long, and it was easy getting back to the road following my pink bows. A few days later we decided to try a cutline, so off we go, at the top we came across a pile of something that we mistook for regurgitated food from a grizzly, we did an about face and we almost ran all the way back. We told the guys about it and they started laughing, one of them had shot a porcupine and cleaned it there, wow, were we ever rookies!!! It ended up that we didn't get a moose but the guys did so all ended well.