Okay you young whipersnappers, here's your story. Back in 1989, me, moosen gram & Jeff went to "Zippermouth Lake" in Region 7 for our annual moose hunt(we've been hunting there for 30 years). As we were heading off the mainline we came across a crew getting ready to work on the bridge, they told us the bridge was coming down & were we sure that we wanted to be trapped in there for 10 days we said "you betcha" and off we went. The first moose was down on the 2nd day! After a couple of days we were miles from camp & had no sooner split up & moosen gram & I saw 2 moose so I shot the bigger one and let the smaller one go thinking this was enough moose. I tracked down Jeff & told him to go ahead of me and get the equipment we needed and only shoot a moose if it was humongous, I gave him a 10 minute lead, when I came over the crest of the hill there was his trike in the middle of the road-abandoned. Oh no, I thought!!!!! A couple of minutes later he came out of the bush and said he had shot at the biggest moose in the world! He had tracked it in 1000 yards using toliet paper to mark his way. I went back to camp to get what we needed to retrieve our moose & Jeff went back in to track his moose down, he followed the blood trail for another mile and he came across it on the far side of a small swamp(never shoot a moose in the water) so he finished it off. Meanwhile we got our moose back to camp and went to meet up with Jeff, there was one happy kid that met us on the road, but the one downside was that it was on the far side of the swamp with just the point of one horn sticking out of the water! After me jacking and Jeff swimming, we managed to pull the moose far enough out of the water to gut & quarter it. We loaded the quarters on the trikes, up & down 3 small valleys twice, we finally got to the road. The picture of Jeff coming out of the bush with the antlers on his shoulders was posted by Jeff awhile back. It was a long day, my moose was down at 7:00 am and by the time we got back to camp with Jeff's moose it was after dark. We were the only ones in the area for 10 days and it was awesome. Three moose three hunters. Moosen Gram did the typing and yes, I am a true redneck and proud of it and can still keep up with you whipersnappers and probably pass you!!!!!