Well thought I would post up my trip from Vancouver to Tuktoyaktuk from this summer......yes it was for work,it will be picture heavy.
We took 4 million liters of Arctic Diesel from Vancouver to Tuk 3300 miles, and then transferred 8 million liters of diesel from a Gold Mine in Roberts Bay 700 mile east of Tuk or 430 miles west of Hudsons Bay back to Tuk so yeh we were up there ! Then hauled two camp barges from Roberts Bay back to Tuk
Seen lots of ice,Bowhead Whales,Walrus with huge tusks, 1 Beluga Whale,stopped and jigged a few Halibut,Greycod and seen some amazing sunsets.......when they say land of the midnight sun they weren't kidding !
We put about 8500 nautical mile on this summer and 72 days at sea,had a great crew so that makes it all the better.The tug I was on is 127 feet long,Island Tugger and the barge we hauled up was the ITB Supplier, ok enough story here's the pictures.

The Island Tugger

A nice Sunrise off Nome Alaska over morning coffee

Our barge in ice at Pt Barrow the most Nly tip of Alaska 8)

A sunset outside of Tuk,this was 1:30am Aug 2nd delivering fuel to the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Coast Guard Vsl

Alongside the dock in Tuk Harbour.....we made it :o