Yesterday I wrote a letter to CBC radio in Victoria in reference to a story they had on discussing a trend of new people getting into hunting as a result of a few books toting the benefits of our sport that have come out recently . They mentioned high profile people like Zuckerman (Facebook chairman) and their coming to hunting.

Here is what I wrote and what was read.

I've been hunting for 30 + years and talking to anyone who cared to listen, about the health benefits of getting fresh game meat that is hormone and antibiotic free. For years, hunters have been vilified by many people who really had no idea what it's all about and I find it humorous that since a few high profile people have publicized their pursuit of wild meat hunting is all of a sudden "hip".

Hip or not, I'm happy to see more people discover the benefits of an activity most hunters partake in with a passion.

Phil Cotterell

PS. My partner and I are heading to the Okanagan for a week of deer hunting at the end of the month and if someone from CBC would like to join us to record "a day in the woods" let me know and we'll see what we can put together. You can't reveal our honey hole though.
They left out my offer to take them in the woods for a day. ;)

There's strength in numbers.