Recently, we have seen posts on hunting sites and media reports of very serious declines in population numbers in some of our major game species. We also know that a high percentage of the BC "GO" operations are foreign owned, usually Americans and I wonder about this.

Now, without any animosity to anyone so that we can meet the site regs. concerning mutual courtesy and lack of "flaming&quo t;, I would like to know your opinions on the following issues.

1. Should anyone other than Canadian citizens-BC residents be allowed to hold ANY interest in a BC "GO" operation and, should ALL guiding be done ONLY by persons meeting the above standards?

2. Should other CANADIANS be given some status in BC to hunt WITHOUT a "GO", but, with a "hunter host"?

3. Should foreigners and this includes Americans, be allowed to hunt here, at all?

4. Should BC develop a form of "hunter host" programme as Alberta currently has to allow other CANADIANS to hunt here for wild sheep, Grizzlies and so on,without "GO" involvement?

5. Should "non-resident aliens" be allowed to participate in such a programme?

Give examples, percentages and your honest opinion, but, PULEEZE, keep it clean and reasonably respectful as I am very serious about this issue and am trying to get a "feel"f or how BC people think on it.

I hope this will develop into an in-depth and wide-ranging discussion about how WE should manage OUR hunting-wildlife and not an exchange of slurs, lies and ignorant comments as seen on certain other forums; it would be really great to be able to openly discuss our situation free of such nonsense.