The top five cartridge thread got me to thinking.......(inse rt jokes ;))

Taking away your chicken gun and upland bird shotgun.....

Do you in fact have one gun that sees most of your hunting action? Big gme hunting I mean.....

I probably couldn't remember all the calibers I have in the safe without sitting back and thinking about it. Tried it with a buddy last night and kept going back to "oh ya' I also have a ...."such and such.

Being a little old school, I was taught to have my rifle as an extension of my arm/body. Use the one gun for everything (I know, some of you find this very boring!!) in the way of hunting. To date I have had two main rifles, first one I shot out the barrel with too much target/fun/hunting shoots. It was a 30-06.

My next rifle I spend quite awhile looking and trying all makes, all calibers.... funny thing was I went back to the one closest to my last.... the older Tikka M658 IIRC... that was mid 80's (give or take a few years)!

I own smaller and bigger calibers, take em out and shoot once in awhile, when the the alarm goes off and we are out looking for deer, moose or bear, the ol' 06 gets the nod and away we go!

What about the rest of you? you got your go to rifle, or do you jump around....?